King Country Optometrists: Te Kuiti’s Eye Experts 

Eyesight is a precious gift. An essential part of your day to day progression, learning and life, your eyesight is an essential facet of your livelihood. When you feel like your eyes aren’t as cracked up as they used to be, or you suspect your child or loved one may be experiencing issues with their eyesight, we’re here to help! 

Diagnosis of All Eye Conditions

Finding it a bit hard to read? Feeling like your sight is failing you? Has your child experienced trouble at school or university? You might be short sighted, or far sighted. An incredibly common condition, vison conditions such as short or long sightedness can be rectified with simple prescription glasses, designed to allow your eyes to focus more intently and reduce eyestrain and fatigue.

If you suspect you’re experiencingshort-sightedness or any other eye condition, feel free to drop into the clinic today: we can identify, diagnose and seek to rectify your condition though intuitive eye testing. Our eye tests are incredibly quick and non-obtrusive, and will actively diagnose your situation. Once we have ascertained your condition, our team of experienced optometrists will seek to help you with an intuitive and tailored solution. 
Optometrist testing the eyes of woman

Your Local Optometrist Clinic  

King Country Optometrists are Te Kuiti’s eye experts. Boasting years of specialised industry experience, cutting edge optometrist equipment, a broad range of products and service and a commitment to service and customer satisfaction we offer you the complete eye care package. Our experienced team of optometrist have undergone extensive academic and on the job training, and continue to expand their knowledge base through extended reading and practical experience. See how our incredible team of eye experts can help you with your situation when you call the team today!

Affordable Eye Care Solutions

Our products and optometrist services don’t cost a whole lot: in reality, they’re incredibly affordable. Enjoy the freedom of perfect sightedness for less with King Country Optometrists.

Call our friendly team today and explore our financing options and to see if you’re covered by your health insurance plan: we can certainly find something to work around your needs and budget. For more information, contact our team today!
Call King Country Optometrists on 07 8788 819 to Book Your Eye Examination Today!
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