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Extensive Eye Testing Services in Our Te Kuiti Clinic

Do you think your vision isn’t all that it used to be? Does your kid think they’re falling behind in their reading and learning development? Or do you simply want to book yourself in for that annual eye testing check-up? Call our friendly team today and explore our extensive eye testing services!

Diagnosing Conditions 

Eye conditions such as myopia are much more common than you think. Especially prevalent in younger and older people, eye conditions can seriously affect a person’s livelihood, causing eyestrain, learning difficulties and dangerous, erratic driving. Make sure your eyes are in tip-top condition when you bookan extensive eye testing service in our Te Kuiti clinic today: our team will seek to examine, identify and diagnose key issues with your eyesight throughout the eye examination process. We do this by testing your eyes with a series of industry standard optometry practices with cutting edge equipment, all the while providing a comforting and comfortable environment. If you’re experiencing blurry vision, eye strain or a trouble focusing when reading or looking at distant objects: consider one of our extensive eye testing examinations today!
Happy woman with her new eyewear
Man during eye test

Post Eye Examination

After your eye examination, we can move on to providing the perfect solution for any condition we identified during your eye testing evaluation. This may involve any of a series of rectifying practices, such as the use of glasses, contact lenses or laser eye correction. We can provide the means and method for you to explore these solutions, and offer extensive advice for your ocular health, backed by years of academic experience and practical on the job knowledge. Explore our range of post eye examination solutions when you call the team at King Country Optometrists.
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