Need Glasses? Drop Into Our Te Kuiti Clinic

Do you think you might benefit from glasses? If you have recently been diagnosed with short or long-sightedness, or think you could benefit from some stylish and practical glasses, just head on down to our Te Kuiti Clinic and have a chat to our friendly team. We have a wide range of reading glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses and eye glasses in our broad range. Explore our stylish frame shapes, colours and styles: we stock frames of all widths, styles and colours, including plastic and metal varieties, and different shaped frames for different shaped faces. Each person has a different face shape, contours and style: let our friendly team of specialist’s help you choose the right glasses for your face and needs today!

Explore Our Range of Contacts

Want a lightweight and advanced alternative to glasses? Contact lenses are designed to offer you a minimalistic and sophisticated way to maintain your vision, without hassling you with the necessity of glasses. If you are looking for a simple or more permanent solution to your vision condition, consider our range of contact lenses today! We offer contact lenses in a variety of styles, including disposable contact lenses for easy and hassle free vison correction. Plus, we also offer a series of contact cleaning and storage solutions, so you don’t soil your lenses with dirty fingerprints and the like while they’re not in use. Explore our range of contact lenses today when you drop into our clinic!
Woman selecting the frames
Do You Need Glasses? Call The Team at King Country Optometrists Today on 07 8788 819
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